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Once documents are scanned, the next issue is how the documents are going to be indexed. Capture solutions can automate the indexing process, boosting your productivity.

In a paper filing system, documents are placed in folders. Users create folders, write the appropriate infor-mation on the tabs and then file the documents. File folders only contain one indexing tab, limiting the ways you can find the information later.

In a digital filing system, documents can be indexed by multiple fields. While a paper folder was limited to one tab, a digital system offers unlimited ways to find a document. For example, a document could be indexed by customer name, address, account number, and city. This would make it much easier to find later.

The question then arises, “Who is going to enter all of this index information?” That’s where capture software comes in. Capture software can read index information from scanned documents to be used as indexing fields.

Capture Strategies

There are several ways information can be read from a document.

Zone OCR

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the process of converting scanned text to editable text. If you are scanning documents that are all formatted the same way (Example: your invoices or a work order) the capture software can be set up to read information from the same area (zone) of the scanned document. So, the customer name, invoice number, and sale date could be read from a scanned invoice.


Capture software can also read barcodes. You might have barcodes on your business documents that include information like an order number. This barcode could be read and used to store a document.


Once a piece of information has been read from a document by zone OCR or barcodes, that information could be used to query your company’s line-of-business software to pull back even more information. For example, if I knew the order number, I could potentially ask your ERP software what the customer name and address are related to that order number. These data points could be used to index the document.

This is just the beginning of what capture software can do to automate business processes. To learn more about how your business could benefit, contact us today.