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All multifunction systems have the ability to make brilliant copies in both colour and black & white that can be used for the entire office. Our devices use the latest technology to ensure you receive the best quality reproduction available today. Most multifunction systems now provide advanced features that increase productivity and the resolution of graphics.

User Auditing and Quotas

We all know that modern copying devices are of high quality which makes telling apart the original from a copy more difficult. Access can be controlled with machines that require users to authenticate their access, and restrict functionality like colour and volume. If billing is important, then user or job codes can keep track of pages copied and printed.

Pre Scan your Jobs

Because of the aforementioned scan once-print multiple copies capability, you also have the ability to pre-scan a job. This ensures that you can scan multiple jobs ahead of time and the multifunction system will automatically print the documents once the previous document is complete.

Preserve Document Colour

A chief concern of any business owner is the quality of colour copies made by office equipment. Since colour is a critical tool in today’s marketplace, it is important the documents you present to your clientele looks great and makes a lasting impression. Multifunction systems provide you with a means by which you can produce your colour documents in a timely fashion, leaving more time to impress your customer.

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