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Office Equipment

Your business relies on technology. To function at peak performance you need technology that is properly integrated into your business processes, employees who are fully trained and be confident that your services provider has a service team that is responsive and knowledgeable.

This is exactly what Berwicks Office Technology has been providing to Queensland businesses since 1930. While technology evolves, one thing remains constant at Berwicks: our dedication to being Australia’s most supportive technology service organisation.


Technology continues to change. That’s why our team have become experts in evolving with technology. We stay on the cutting edge of technology to find the best solutions for our clients. If there are solutions that could be helpful to our clients, we adopt them and become experts. That allows us to bring you the best solutions to keep your business both productive and competitive.

Your Choices

We realise you have many choices when it comes to technology. Unfortunately, many of these choices are the same: large technology companies with branch offices. While you may find sales people eager to sell you the latest technologies, what is often lacking is the knowledge to integrate the technology into your business and the responsive support to keep it up and running. We all know that technology that is not properly integrated and supported can end up being a real drain on your productivity.

A Better Choice

Fortunately, you have is a better choice than the big box manufacturers. We’re a different kind of company. With Berwicks you get the latest technologies combined with a local team of professionals providing outstanding support.


When you choose Berwicks Office Technology, you get so much more than technology. You get access to our team of technology experts that know how to integrate technology into your business. We go beyond dropping off boxes. We work to understand your business goals and then integrate technology to help you become more efficient.


Unlike technology manufacturers that can only recommend their brands, at Berwicks we carry a wide portfolio of systems and software from leading technology companies. That means we are free to recommend the right solutions for your business rather than trying to fit your business into a specific brand. You end up with technology that is the right fit for your organisation’s size and needs.

Family Values

You’ll find that our clients are loyal. Many of the companies we serve have been Berwicks’ clients for decades. What keeps these clients coming back? We believe it’s our strong sense of family values. Above all else, our team is dedicated to doing the right thing—something uncommon in today’s world of multinational technology companies.

If you are ready to learn more about how a partnership with Berwicks Office Technology can benefit your business, contact us today!