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Even with a changing marketplace leaning toward email and other forms of communication, faxing documents is still a very popular way to send information. Because of this, businesses need to provide technologies that are required by their associate companies. Multifunction systems provide faxing options that traditional fax machines do not offer.

Outgoing Faxes

A multifunction system allows for an employee to fax a document just as a stand-alone fax machine would. The benefit that a multifunction system offers over a traditional fax machine is the ability to fax a document from the comfort of your own office. Instead of printing and re-scanning a document, one step takes care of this process.

Routing Incoming Faxes

Incoming faxes will contain very important information that needs to be seen or distributed as soon as possible. Since this document is important, eliminating the steps it takes to get to you is crucial in maintaining efficiency. That’s why incoming faxes can be routed to the correct department or to a location of your choosing.

Multi-Tasking Access

A large concern for a multifunction system is what to do if the device is being utilised for another function. If the device is being used for copying or printing, how can this affect an inbound fax? Thankfully, multifunction systems allow for the system to be used for multiple functions at the same time. If the system is being used for one of its purposes, the fax function will work for you in the background.

Faxing to a Document Management System

Similar to how the scanning function will route to a secure database, a multifunction system can perform this function for incoming faxes as well. Get ahead of the game and store your newly acquired fax appropriately. Getting secure information sent to you over fax need not be a concern any longer.