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Environmental Concerns

At Berwicks, we care about our earth and the environment we live in. Were you aware that used electronic equipment and ink cartridges contribute a large amount of waste in our world’s landfills? Because many of these items contain harmful materials and components, it does a large disservice to the overall health and state of our fragile ecosystem.

That’s why Berwicks promotes green initiatives such as recycling, proper disposal of used toner cartridges, and saving paper in the office. We also encourage turning your used materials into remanufactured equipment for further use. This helps in cutting unnecessary costs and contributes to the overall health of our environment.

We also work to conserve valuable materials through the recycling of electronic equipment. Key components like metals and glass comprise a sizable percentage of used equipment. These components have the ability to be reused in future products, which aids in ultimately reducing the need to mine for new raw materials and will help preserve precious resources.

But caring about your environment means much more than recycling and reusing material. At Berwicks, we strive to contribute to our environment in healthy way every day. In conjunction with recycling programs, we also offer products and equipment that are highly energy efficient. We also provide your business with tips on how it can operate as an environmentally friendly and sustainable workplace.

By operating within a green work environment, you are not only doing your part in saving the planet, you are also saving money and cutting costs. Green concepts are synonymous with saving money as they rely heavily on the reuse of products and cutting waste in your business. Eliminating unnecessary waste, saving power and energy, and recycling all contribute to the positive end of your balance sheet at the end of the year.

Berwicks understands the importance of preserving our environment for future generations so they can enjoy clean and healthy living. That’s why paying attention to the needs of our environment is a priority here at Berwicks. We make sure that we offer the best products in the industry and provide our customers and community with continued education in order to build green partnerships that last!

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We understand that preserving the environment for current and future generations is an important aspect of living on our planet now. That is why we practice green initiatives like tree planting in our communities to ensure we give back to the environment that gives us so much!


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