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Most businesses have line-of-business applications that contain all of their critical business information. Whether you use an off-the-shelf ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Manage-ment), or a proprietary accounting system designed for your industry, document management can be used to enhance your business.

Every day, users pull up customer and vendor data on their computers. However, when it comes to paper date related to the customer, this information often requires searching through filing cabinets or boxes.

To make matters worse, when it comes to entering information from a paper form to your computer systems, users have to do this manually. Not only is this extremely time consuming, it also introduces the risk of human error.

Document Management technology can be integrated with your line-of-business applications to streamline data entry and retrieval:

Automated Date Entry

Capture software can be used to read data off of scanned documents. In many cases, this data can be automatically entered into your ERP system. This removes the manual labour of entering data while increasing accuracy. A user can quickly proof the data and anything out of the ordinary can be flagged before it goes to your computers.

Linked Files

In some cases, scanned documents can be linked to the customer record. For example, a work order could be linked to a customer’s account. That way when a user was looking up a record in your accounting system, they could click on a link to see the associated scanned document.

There are many ways that scanned documents can be integrated with your business applications to improve productivity and reduce risk. To learn more, contact us today.