Our Company History

The following is a chronology of our core business over the 80+ years of LF Berwick & Co, from our humble beginnings as a merchant of almost anything business like, to a high tech supplier in Office Automation and Solutions.

When Len Berwick first established his Office Equipment business in 1930, the usual brand name sold was the Ediphone Dictating Equipment. Made famous by Thomas Edison, he used wax cylinders as the recording media. This gave way to Magnetic disks, then tape and now solid state circuits.

Today, the Berwick Showroom still displays the Edison Equipment retired in our machine museum. The dull green gray colouring, reminding us of the hard times in the nineteen thirties.

The Copystat photocopier of the 40s and 50s, was just a light box with a timer that exposed special photographic paper then dipped in chemicals to keep the image permanent. Pages had to be drip dried.

The founder’s son, Errol Berwick, serviced these machines as a teenager when he first joined the company in 1954. Later in the 50s, the first xerographic style copiers were produced in large quantities. These machines required a coated paper often in roles that did not need a fixing bath.

When daughter Janne joined the business in 1960, she serviced the then new style of “wet copier”. This was much better because for the first time copiers could print onto Plain Paper. However the image was damp from the liquid toner. This style survived through to the late 1970s.

Len’s grandchildren, Kayleen, Warren and Katrina have since kept the furnaces burning. With the continuation of family involvement, constant effort for improvement is made while still maintaining the “old fashioned” traditional values of integrity and professionalism instilled by their parents.

The 90’s saw Quality Accreditation with consequent acceptance and enthusiasm from all staff members. Berwicks were one of the first office equipment companies in Australia to be so accredited.

Early 1998 Berwicks merged with another specialist Minolta Dealer to become the largest Minolta copier dealer in Australia, and a foremost player in the emerging digital technology. With the new generation of office products came a new way to help customers grow their businesses. Machines could now not only copy, but fax, print and scan to computers and email addresses all from the one unit.

To stay atop of the competition, Minolta merged with Konica in 2003. Berwicks was immediately appointed the only Brisbane Dealer for the new Konica Minolta branded devices. This is resulting in even better quality products.

This Millennium has seen the start of many global changes. The latest for office technology is the significant benefits that low cost COLOUR printing is now bringing to almost all business types. With increased affordability for colour output, usage costs can blow out. Berwicks offers Management tools and services to keep this in check.

What won’t change however is Berwicks dedication to you, our customer. With over 80 years of experience in providing above average performance to our clients, you can continue to trust Berwicks with what is important to you now and into the future.