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Documents drive business processes. Printers take digital information and produce it in an easy-to-read hard copy format. Printed documents represent some of the most critical components of a business from proposals and brochures to invoices and shipping documents. You rely on your printers.

Our specialty lies in our ability to customise a strategy specifically to your business. We will service any existing fleet and provide solutions based on a “right fit approach” rather than a manufacturer’s “available approach”.

It’s no wonder that most businesses have so many printers. The challenge is that most businesses have no idea how many printers they have or how much they are spending to operate these devices. Unlike many other business areas, printing costs are often hidden across multiple budgets.

What Drives Out of Control Print Costs?

Consider a typical business:

  • Multiple Devices - Departments buy their own printers, creating a fleet of multiple devices with multiple brands. Most businesses don’t even know how many printers they have.
  • Dozens of Supply Items - Each brand of printer takes its own special printer cartridges. Each cartridge can cost from $100 to $600. These costs are hidden in office supply budgets.
  • Thousands of Dollars of Inventory - Since printers are so important to business processes, departments stock extra cartridges in supply closets. It’s not uncommon for us to discover tens of thousands of dollars in unmanaged printer supply inventory scattered throughout a business.
  • Theft - These printer cartridges are tempting to employees to steal and sell online.
  • Broken Devices - When printers break, the devices are unplugged and carried to a service company. Or, they are shoved in a closet while a new device is installed.
  • Inefficient Usage - Whilst the cost to buy printers continues to drop, printing pages can still be very expensive. It makes sense to utilise faster printers with lower running costs wherever possible. How do you know which devices are costing you money or bottlenecking with staff waiting for their documents?

The net result of all of this could be thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs to your business. Fortunately, there is a much better way: Evolve Print Management from Berwicks!

Evolve to Get Control

You can control your printing expenses with Evolve Print Management from Berwicks. You can take advantage of our proven process to control your expenses, reduce your risk and improve productivity.

Are you ready to get control of your printing expenses? Contact us today to learn more!