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Multifunction systems have the ability to allow for different sides of pages to be printed. They are also scalable in terms of print volumes. A scalable system that is configured to work for your business allows you to keep costs in line with increased productivity. The system also provides finishing options that are not typically available in smaller, ink-jet printers.

Lower Operating Costs

Most multifunction systems have been known to boast significantly lower operating costs as compared with other types of printers. There are many costs, such as proprietary costs, associated with replacing the parts of cartridge-based. Switching to a multifunction system will allow you to realise the benefits of using independent toner cartridges along with highly durable replacement parts, all designed to lower operating costs.

High Performance Output

The rate at which businesses operate today is at a much faster rate than ever before. As a by-product, your employees may waste valuable time and productivity by waiting for the output of documents. Multifunction systems are designed to be scalable and include greater speeds for both quality colour and black & white documents. This ultimately increases the efficiency in your office.

Unique Finishing Features

Many ink-jet printers lack the production level finishing options of multifunction systems. This lack of production capability will require offline finishing, which can lead to decreased overall efficiency. Multifunction systems allow for the addition of production quality finishers that can offer such finishing options as:

  • Offset Stacking
  • Multi-position stapling
  • Booklet making
  • Online bindery options
  • Two/Four-hole punching

Realise the printing power of a multifunction system and boost productivity and increase efficiency in your office. Contact us today!