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Documents drive business processes. Your business depends on document production equipment like printers, multifunction systems, and scanners that run at peak performance.

Consider most businesses:

  • Users end up frustrated as they stand waiting for slow devices to print long documents.
  • The wrong devices are placed in applications with more volume than they can handle resulting in down time. * Frustrated users end up buying personal printers creating even more costs for your company.
  • Scanning documents is an excruciatingly slow process that is so complicated that users rarely scan documents.
  • Critical business information sits on printer trays where it can be seen, compromising security.
  • Sensitive business information is left unencrypted on hard drives of printers and multifunction systems even after the systems are traded in.
  • Multiple machines like printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners sit next to each other resulting in unnecessary costs from power usage, multiple supplies and support contracts.

There is a better way with Evolve Office Equipment from Berwicks.

Evolve To The Right Office Equipment

You can evolve to the right equipment for your office to improve productivity, decrease costs, and reduce risk. Our Evolve Office Equipment process helps identify the best configuration of devices for your business.


You get a full analysis of your document production devices: printers, copiers, multifunction systems, fax machines, and scanners. We’ll give you a fresh perspective on the best combination of devices for your business.


Your expenses are minimised by consolidating print, copy, fax and/or scan devices where it makes sense. In many cases user productivity can be enhanced with one fast system while saving the cost and environmental impact of operating multiple systems.


You have an existing fleet of printers and multifunction systems that you may already own. Where appropriate we can help you put these devices in the right location to maximise their usage and minimise costs.


Your systems are integrated into your network with print drivers and scanning solutions that are easy to use. Your users are fully trained to make sure you receive the maximum productivity benefits from your technology.


Your systems need to be maintained to maximise productivity. Our proactive support approach is designed to minimise downtime. When problems do occur you’ll be up-and-running quickly with our team of certified service professionals.


As your needs change we evolve with you. We help you optimise your office equipment to create sustained productivity over time. Our flexible solutions make sure you always have the right equipment for your needs.

To evolve to the best office equipment for your business contact us today.