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Today’s business information exists in two formats: digital and paper. As a result, critical information is often scattered in multiple places.

Scanning makes a bridge between paper and digital information. Scanning documents allows them to be stored in digital format, easily shared, secured and backed up.

There are two types of scanning: centralised and distributed.

Centralised Scanning

Business processes that involved a large volume of similar documents processed in one place benefit from a centralised scanning strategy. High speed dedicated scanners are used to quickly process documents. Berwicks offers a range of high volume scanning solutions. Learn more»

Distributed Scanning

Many businesses want to capture business information from across their organisation. With a distributed scanning strategy, documents are captured as they are used. Scanning devices are placed strategically across the organisation. Operation is made easy for users to ensure the documents arrive at the correct location. Multifunction Systems that print, copy and scan are a great way to deploy a distributed scanning strategy. Berwicks offers an extensive portfolio of multifunction systems from desktop to workgroup devices. Learn more»

Most companies have a hybrid scanning strategy that includes centralised and distributed scanning. These can be combined with our Capture solutions to create productive scanning ecosystem to get all of your critical business information in one place.

To learn more about how your organisation could benefit from a scanning strategy, contact us today.