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Scanning documents is a necessity in today’s business environment. It is important for companies to have the capability to convert paper-base information into an electronic format that can be stored or sent via email. With a multifunction system, creating an electronic document from a physical document is made easy. By scanning a document you are improving the ability to access documents as well as keep them secure.

Capabilities of scanning with a multifunction system include:

Scan to Email

One of the most common forms of scanning today, scan to email, allows your employees to send something directly to their inbox from the device. This capability is becoming increasingly more important as time is generally of the essence in many business situations. The scan to email function also prevents unauthorised accesses and has the ability to communicate directly to intended recipients.

Scan to File

This happens to be the simplest form of scanning and routes your documents where you need them to go. The scan has the ability to go to any computer hard drive location such as a network shared folder, an internet folder (FTP), or a user’s individual desktop.

Scan to OCR

Scan to OCR(optical character recognition) allows for your employees to convert their scanned documents into a word editing application such as Microsoft Word. Scanning charts and tables can also be scanned directly into Microsoft Excel and other similar programs. Employees no longer need to waste time by retyping the document and get to work right away!

Scan to Electronic Document Management

Scanning documents directly to a document management system has become increasing popular in business and business functions. As workflows are streamlined in an office environment, so is the way information moves through a company. Scanning a document and uploading it into a safe and secure database is a very beneficial tool to have as a company.

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