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Finding information by searching through filing cabinets in a paper world can be time consuming. And, we all know from experience that many documents are misfiled, never to be found again. This could be a big problem in some cases.

In many cases, documents exist in both paper and digital format. For example, a customer proposal may have been created in Microsoft Office. The signed order may be in paper format. The invoice may have been printed off of your accounting system. And, the payment may have been a check or an online payment. This creates problems as documents are stored in multiple places in multiple formats.

With an Electronic Document Management (or Content Management) system, all of this information can be stored in one place: scanned document, Microsoft Office documents, PDF’s, photos and emails.

Users can find information quickly without leaving their desks. This boosts productivity, improving your ability to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction. It also reduces the risk of lost documents.

Search Options

Documents can be found in a variety of ways, depending on how your document management system is configured. Here are a few ways:

Index Fields

You can assign multiple index fields to a document. These could include customer name, order number or date. These can be used to quickly find information. The index fields you need can be customised to your business needs.


Documents can be organised into folders. You might set up folders for each client. In this case, you could browse to their folder and find all of their information neatly organised.

Similar to Google users can type in an open search term and find all documents related to the term. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can be used to make the contents of all documents fully searchable. This makes it nearly impossible to lose a document in your filing system.

Your users are already used to searching for information online. Make it easy to find scanned paper information along with many other formats in one place.

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