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Information security is critical in businesses that have PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or trade secrets. It’s hard to secure information in a paper world. If someone steals a file, you might not even know it is gone until you try to find it.

In a Document Management system you can enhance your security in many ways:

User Rights

Each user can be granted rights to only view specific folders and/or document types. Financial workers could be given access to financial documents while the field service personnel might only be able to see the service documents. We can work with you to determine the user rights that will protect your critical information.

Password Protection

Paper documents don’t have passwords. Users are required to enter a password before entering the Document Management system. This adds a familiar level of security to your information.

Access Log

Systems can keep logs of who has accessed what documents. This could be very valuable if you needed to track the viewing information down later to settle a legal matter.

There are many ways that Document Management can enhance your security. Contact us today to learn more.